To be able to type Urdu in your windows applications and convert windows 7 operating system into Urdu, follow the below steps.

  1. Install fonts: The font in which Urdu is written (usually) is called as “Nastaleeq”, it is different from other abjad fonts like “Salis” aur “Osmani” in that it has three (or more) steps. For example,
    1. Nastaliq
    2. Osmani

    To install urdu fonts, download them from following sources and follow the steps to install.

    1. Download the executable and follow instructions to install.
    2. Select individual fonts which you like, right click and select download. Open the downloaded .ttf file and click on install. Or copy the .ttf file into “C:\Windows\Fonts” directory.
  2. Install Urdu Keyboard: Next step is to install Urdu phonetic keyboard or the Urdu keyboard layout. All keyboard layouts comes by default with Windows 7 Operating system, unless they are removed in your installation. Follow below steps to install it.
    1. Go to Control panel and select “Change Keyboard or other input methods” in the category “Clock, Language and region”
    2. Click on “Change Keyboard” and then “Add”
    3. Select urdu from the list and click “OK”
    4. Change the keyboard layout in task bar to type in Urdu.

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